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Aperture Magazine: The São Paulo issue

Renowned New York-based photography magazine Aperture, dedicated their entire summer-2014 issue to photography coming out of São Paulo. The São Paulo Issue gathers mid-20th century to contemporary works from disparate artists and approaches. Reproduced in the magazine are the 1950’s photograms by seminal multi-disciplinary modernist Geraldo de Barros, 1980’s conceptual photography by the likes of Regina Silveira and Hudinilson Urbano Jr., along contemporary works by Mauro Restiffe – a spread of his 2012 series Oscar, documenting Oscar Niemeyer’s funeral in Brasilia, with accompanying text by Rodrigo Moura, Barbara Wagner’s documentarist portraiture of Maracatu performers and the didactic Education for Adults project by Jonathas de Andrade. Gracing the issue’s cover is the landscape photography of Caio Reisewitz, who has his first major solo show currently on view at ICP, New York.

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