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Adriana Varejão at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, NY

Brazilian artist Adriana Varejão opens her fifth solo exhibition at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, NY, on April 24th, presenting new works that continue her interest and conflation of race/colonial politics, the baroque and the history and tradition of painting. Titled Polvo, the exhibition examines the skin palette of miscegeny in Brazil as starting point for the works: a series of painted self-portraits, each varying in skin coloration, in accordance to the color wheel Varejão created that diagrammatizes different skin tones. For the new body of work the artist also produced a set of oil paints, encased on a wooden box, wherein each tube contains a skin tone used to color her self-portraits. Named after thirty-three definitions of skin colors taken from a 1976 racially-charged Brazilian census survey, colors include: Enxofrada (Angry Sulphur), Café com Leite (Milky Coffee), Branquinha (Snow White), Burro-quando-foge (Faded Fawn), Cor Firme (Steady Colour), Morenão (Big Black Dude), Encerada (Buffed) and Queimada de Sol (Sun Kissed).  On view through June 21st, check out more info here.

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