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A to Z. The World of Isay Weinfeld at Architekturzentrum Wien, Austria.

In February 2014  Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld won the architecture competition for the site around the Eislaufverein (ice-skating association) in Vienna, Austria, and became the subject  of an animated discussion. Following the announcement of the competition Architekturzentrum Wien will present the work of the prize-winner to the public with the exhibition A to Z. The World of Isay Weinfeld.  The exhibition illustrates Weinfeld’s impressive and dynamic practice, that considers every aspect and detail of his projects, be it a doorbell, door handle or the edifice itself, with the same attention.  “I always try to design everything in my profession: if I design a house, I design the interiors, the bell, everything. I see architecture as a whole thing, as if I was an art director. The idea expresses my wish to design from the beginning of life to the end.”The exhibition will also exhibit short-films, in which Isay documents some of his projects, conjuring his past as a filmmaker, and extrapolating on notions of architect as image-maker. “As a film-maker Isay Weinfeld attaches particular importance in all his projects to the narrative element and to orchestration. In the exhibition conceived for the Architekturzentrum Wien he takes the visitors with him on a journey through the universe of his creativity – from the door handle to the office building, from the stage set to the interior of a McDonald’s, from the Instagram installation to the fruit bowl, from the cradle to the coffin – from A to Z.  In the exhibition a cross-section through the work of Isay Weinfeld will be presented: ranging from furniture and design objects (including the IW armchair and the Toto bar cart) designs for the interiors of various shops and restaurants (including Forneria San Paolo and Livraria da Vila) to single-family houses (among them Casa Yucatan and Casa Piracicaba), aswell as projects from the areas of residential and office buildings (including Edifício 360°, 2009 and the Edifício Oka, 2012 – both received the MIPIM AR Future Projects Award) and to the design of public openspace (Praça da Amauri).”  Check here more information here.

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