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A Música Segundo Tom Jobim

Recently released in Brazil, the feature A Música Segundo Tom Jobim partners award winning film director and precursor of  Cinema Novo, Nelson Pereira dos Santos with  filmmaker Dora Jobim, Tom Jobim’s granddaughter. The film is solely compiled of past live performances of Jobim’s standards sang by Brazilian idols such as Gal Costa, Elis Regina and Chico Buarque, as well as international stars such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sara Vaughn, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. Testifying to the force and span of Jobim’s ouvre, vintage footage of Rio de Janeiro further contextualizes Jobim’s oeuvre as well as illustrating his love affair with the cidade maravilhosa.

Images: Poster for A Música Segundo Tom Jobim; Frank Sinatra and Tom Jobim; Tom Jobim and Elis Regina.

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