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A House on a Hill – The Mantiqueira House by Carlos Motta

Design and lifestyle Brazilian magazine Wish Casa featured Carlos Motta‘s hillside country home in the lush rainforest Mantiqueira mountain range in the state of São Paulo.  Designed by Motta, the 3,000 sq. ft. house is on one of the highest areas of the Mantiqueira range – 5,000 feet in altitude- and epitomizes his simple, warm and conscientious design.  Built atop an existing plateau – as Motta explains he would never clear one out, for his practice implements minimal impact on the environment – he built the house using local labor, out of local materials – reclaimed woods, stone and glass.   Untreated wooden decks, verandas and comfortable furniture, such as his Parati and Rio Manso armchairs and Asturias chaise, further integrate the house to its bucolic setting, exhibiting Motta’s rustic and elegant contemporary design and architecture.

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