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70 years of Tim Maia

One of the most irreverent and iconic figures in Brazilian music, carioca Tim Maia (1942 – 1998) would have turned 70 today. In commemoration of such date, Luaka Bop, record label initiated by David Byrne specializing in world music, is releasing the album Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul of Tim Maia, compiling recordings of Tim Maia from the 1970’s

Known as the ‘syndic of Brazil’, Tim Maia was responsible for crossing over soul music to Brazilian rhythms, in a career that produced some of the most emblematic Brazilian hits of the 70’s and 80’s.

Tim Maia’s life and carrer was never short of polemic; for a few years in the mid-70’s he associated with the esoteric doctrine Energia Racional – Rational Energy – that saw the world entering a new developmental phase – the Rational Phase –  which believed  humans were to develop reason (said to be located in the pineal gland) in opposition, and through the balance, of logic and emotion.   During this phase, Maia recorded three seminal albums that spread some of these concepts and are considered by many some of the best Brazilian recordings of the 1970’s.  Fusing soul, samba, pop and psychedelic sounds, many songs from this period are included in the upcoming Luaka Bop compilation, being streamed at its entirety through

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