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Zanini de Zanine


Zanini De Zanine is a highly prevalent artist and designer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1978, he grew up watching his father, Jose Zanine Caldas the great Brazilian architect and designer, work. From here he developed a keen sense of artistry. De Zanine produced his first piece of furniture while interning for Sergio Rodrigues and graduated from PUC-Rio, in industrial Design, resulting in his extreme technical ability.

Over the years Zanini's furniture has gone on to be exhibited and awarded at major international shows and events with the Mercado Moderno in Brazil recently featuring a 10-year retrospective of his work.

Zanini De Zanine's approach to design continues his father Jose Zanine Caldas' legacy of creating masterfully designed pieces with ingenuity and originality, while also allowing him to become a recognized craftsman in his own right.

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